If a kid is going to learn to code, they need a computer.

For every $250 donated, we'll ship a new laptop to a child waiting to enroll in a programming class.

Leyva gustavo

275 donors have donated 409 laptops to kids.

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Meet Gustavo, an 18 year old

Gustavo imagines a future where cars will fly androbots will control the world. Knowing how to code will be super important, becausecomputers are used for almost everything.. Gustavo has big dreams and someday might become acomputer technician. Combine that with knowing how to program, and Gustavo is on a rocketship to success!

Gustavo has already been accepted into a programming class. Now, the only thing standing between Gustavo and the future is that Gustavo doesn't have a computer.

Help give Gustavo a laptop!

Our Story

We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to create something incredible, to one day become the future of tech. And it all starts with having their own computer.

1. Why this project is important


2. Partners

Codestarter enables organizations that teach coding to include a more diverse student population. Our partners identify high potential kids who want to learn to code but can’t afford their own laptops. Kids apply for Codestarter laptops, and we crowdfund one laptop for one student at a time. Email us if you need laptops for your organization.

3. Codekit

Each Code Kit begins with an Acer Chromebook, pre-loaded with Linux and a variety of programming languages. We also include a manual for getting started and working offline. We’re always on the lookout for more awesome things to include, so email us any ideas you have. Codestarter spends 100% of your donation to purchase laptops for kids, and we’ll send you a receipt for a tax deduction.


4. Report

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Report 3

When the child receives her laptop, she’ll send you a thank-you note. You’ll also receive quarterly updates on her progress for the first year as she learns to code. We want to be transparent, so we post our ongoing evaluation data here. Over time, you’ll see the long-term impact of giving laptops to kids and empowering them to code.